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As information technology develops after the 4th industrial revolution, interest in future cities to solve problems and increase convenience in the cities we live in is growing. A future city, or smart city, is to create an environment in which people can enjoy a pleasant and convenient life by increasing the efficiency of city operation through an urban management system such as facility management, traffic, and disaster management. In particular, technologies that can prevent crimes using IoT technology and big data and respond quickly to various incidents and accidents are attracting attention.

Accordingly, Vision Information and Communications is continuing to develop according to the trend of the times, starting with electricity and communication construction business, manufacturing CCTV, and developing smart IoT security As a company specializing in crime prevention and disaster safety solutions that develops and supplies security and safety solutions and video security equipment.




We met and talked with Moon Byung-guk, CEO of Vision Information and Communications.



Moon Byung-guk, CEO of Vision Information & Communications




What kind of company is Vision Information Communications?

Vision Information & Communication was founded in 2000 as Vision Electric and has grown based on electricity and communication construction business.

Based on abundant field construction experience, it has been diversifying its business into electricity and information communication construction and SI and NI fields, claiming accumulated technology and human resources first.

In 2012, following the registration of the direct production confirmation system, in 2015, it began manufacturing and producing its own products.


Since then, it has been solidifying its position as a company specializing in crime prevention and disaster safety solutions by developing and supplying security and safety-specific solutions and video security equipment.



In addition, we are participating in making a world where people live together by developing products for the socially underprivileged, such as citizens with disabilities, children, and the elderly.

for this, we are trying to realize a harmonious technology merger with urban aesthetics through an organic combination of AI intelligent image analysis and various IoT products.





Vision Information & Communication's efforts to create a safe world are developing and producing various solutions that pursue the prevention of safety accidents, such as White LED Cameras that reflect human psychology and LED light-emitting information boards that light up dark alleys. Based on these products, the company is growing with the goal of realizing a next-generation smart city through an organic combination of AI intelligent image analysis and IoT products.




What is the main business

We research and develop various products related to crime prevention and safety, but recently we are focusing on smart IoT security. Smart IoT security light is a product that can be controlled and managed by the integrated control center. It satisfies both environment and city safety at the same time.


Normally, security lights turn on and off according to the time, which consumes a lot of unnecessary power. However, by using big data and adjusting the brightness according to the floating population, power consumption can be reduced.

For example, there are about 300 security lights in Haneul Park in Seoul, which are always on even when no one is passing by, which consumes a lot of power. To prevent such waste, the company started to develop smart IoT security lights.



vision’s smart IoT security light is possible to remote control of security light’s ON/OFF and dimming using IoT function.

It can save still-cut and video information when certain events occur, and adjust control brightness automatically through AI sensor.

more over, it can manage real-location of smart security light using GIS system, and Flexible scheduling such as security is possible through the collected big data such as vehicle and human traffic.

it has been naturally reduced power consumption because it is turned on only when necessary and can help security through a built-in camera. 




What is your future goal

an export consultation was held by inviting overseas buyers at the 2023 Construction Fire and Disaster Prevention Industry Exhibition, which was recently participated, Through this, we are discussing exports with a number of excellent overseas companies such as Japan, Ghana, and Vietnam. The priority is to gradually increase the number of exporting countries.


the lifelong goal of vision is realizing a smart city through an organic combination of AI intelligent image analysis and various IoT products.



we hope, do the best for making a more safe and pleasant city by Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.



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