Video security equipment
CCTV peripheral equipment
Monitoring system
Image Analysis System

CCTV image security system protects the safety of the citizens against crime and disasters, etc.
and is composed of CCTV camera for acquisition of image information and NVR for recording, storage and management of image information, etc.
Vision Information Communication Co., Ltd. is developing and manufacturing diversified products including intelligent-type image analysis system, image control system, vehicle plate number recognition system and thermal image camera, etc.
In addition, we are fulfilling the environmental and urban safety requirements simultaneously with focus on proactive prevention rather than simple post hoc management of accidents and events through provision of diversified complex solutions (smart IoT security light solution, etc.).


Project for establishment of image security system at Yangyang Airport is a representative image security project of Vision Information Communication Co., Ltd. and our company established the foundation and framework for transition from construction business to product development and manufacturing business through this project.