Received favorable reviews about Flame Detection Camera, Smart IoT Security Light’ of Vision Information & Communication on 2023 Construction Fire & Disaster Prevention Industry Exhibition’
Date : 2023-04-10 Hit : 2,700

Interest in 'Dimming Control Scenario' for Pedestrian Recognition of Vision Information & Communication’s 'Smart IoT Security Light'

▲ At the '2023 Building Fire and Disaster Prevention Industry Exhibition' held on the 16th, a person in charge of Vision Information and Communication introduces security solution products. [Photo = Reporter Son Se-joon]

[OBC The One Broadcasting] Vision Information and Communication, a company specializing in crime prevention and disaster safety solutions, successfully participated in the '2023 Building Fire and Disaster Prevention Industry Exhibition', a fire and disaster prevention exhibition that has been held at KINTEX, Ilsan, Goyang City, Gyeonggi-do on 16th -19th of Feb.


In this exhibition, It has received attention the solution such as artificial intelligence (AI)-based thermal imaging cameras capable of detecting fires and smokers, dual thermal/visual cameras that detects fire and smoke in a wide area, and PTZ network camera capable of immediate warning broadcasting when detects flame.


In addition, the participants were interested in the demonstration of 'dimming control scenario', which recognizes pedestrians of 'smart IoT security lights' mixed with CCTV and streetlights.


This security light is equipped with a function that increases the brightness of the security light when it detects a pedestrian and dims again when the pedestrian leaves, so expected it will be able to save energy and solve civil complaints about light pollution at the same time.


Moon Byeong-guk, CEO of Vision Information & Communications, said, “We are currently negotiating with excellent overseas companies such as Japan, Ghana, and Vietnam on export consultations by inviting overseas buyers at this exhibition.” We are also discussing the way to collaborate with hospitals."


Vision Information & Communication is a company that develops security and safety solutions and video equipment, and supplies pre-crime prevention solutions through crime prevention design (CPTED), and is growing with the goal that realize a new generation’s smart city through organic combinations with AI and IoT products.

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