[Korea's Smart City Solution Representative Company - 2021] Vision Information and Communication
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Providing customized security services such as smart IoT security lights

[Security News Reporter Um Ho-sik] Vision Information and Communication (CEO Moon Byung-guk) has spent a year developing new products and creating tangible results to turn the crisis into an opportunity at a time when many companies are suffering from the shrinking market. Although the market is still shrinking, Vision Information and Communication is trying to overcome the crisis by continuously developing systems that are essential and helpful to our society.

Security Market Forecast for 2021

The security market, which is facing the 4th Industrial Revolution with its whole body, is undergoing numerous changes. Vision Information and Communication emphasized that the development of technology should also be accompanied by the application of ICT convergence technologies such as AI, IoT, machine learning, and big data to the physical security market based on CCTV cameras and video storage devices. This is because establishing a security market that is more efficient, faster and more reliable than before through convergence and technology development will be the key to measuring future survival.

Security Market Opportunities in 2021

Vision Information said that 2021 is a year when ideas convergence products that are different from the existing industrial market are planned and released in earnest, and that it is a new opportunity for the security market because markets that can provide many customized security services such as smart cities, smart solutions, and smart villages have arrived.

Market Strategy for 2021

Vision Information and Communication focused on customization to target markets in 2021. Accordingly, its strategy is to target the needs of the market by establishing customized multi-variety production on the existing security market of multi-variety production.

Vision Information Communication (VIS) sets different standards and determines needs based on them. Everything is different, such as the width of the road, the road conditions of the residential area, and the number of security systems installed so far, such as the number, width, and length of the alley, so we have prepared a strategy to provide customized security services to meet each of the needs.

My ambitious work in 2021

The product of vision information and communication that should be noted in 2021 is a new smart IoT security lamp that is scheduled to be released. Vision Information Communication has developed an efficient smart security lamp that operates only when a person is detected by mounting and linking its AI camera, which recognizes clear objects such as people and vehicles, to security lights, regardless of the movement of existing branches or animal objects.

In addition to remote control of the device, the IoT system can be installed, the operation status of streetlights, and the power consumed between operations can be checked in the control center in real time. In addition, daily, weekly, and monthly power consumption can be checked, and multiple security lights can be controlled simultaneously through IoT. In particular, LED with high efficiency certification was adopted and power consumption was minimized to reduce maintenance and maintenance budgets as well as improve operational convenience such as deployment of maintenance personnel through remote control.

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